Dr. Shirley has experience in treating complex airway abnormalities, whether congenital or acquired.  He has given lectures around the state regarding the management of the pediatric airway.  The most common reason for obstruction in infants is laryngomalacia, and Dr. Shirley has a very large experience in evaluating this relatively common diagnosis.  Most of these children can be managed without surgical intervention.  A conservative approach is always taken and surgery will be recommended only  if absolutely needed.   Dr. Shirley will always try to use the least invasive means necessary to adequately and safely treat a child’s airway obstruction.  He is experienced in all aspects of airway interventions and procedures from complex airway reconstructions to minimally invasive CO2 laser surgery of the airway.  The evaluation of the child with a suspected airway abnormality will begin with a thorough history and physical exam.  Often the exam will include a flexible laryngoscopy in the clinic.  Sometimes the flexible scope will not provide adequate information and a trip to the operating room for a diagnostic laryngoscopy and bronchoscopy will be deemed necessary.  A trip to the OR is typically necessary when there is a suspicion that an abnormality exists below the level of the voice box, due to the fact that we can not look any further than the larynx without the child being under anesthesia.

Providing Pediatric ENT services for children ages 0-21 to the greater Birmingham area and all of Alabama.