Sometimes as a result of chronic ear infections, chronic pressure, and eustachian tube dysfunction a child may end up with a loss of a portion of the tympanic membrane.  In such a case it is important to do a full exam and assessment and determine what effect the perforation is having on the child and whether or not the child is ready for closure of the tympanic membrane.  Often the ear drum will close on its own and it is important to judge whether there are any signs of that healing and whether watchful waiting should be tried.  Knowledge of the degree of hearing impairment is critical and a complete hearing assessment will be obtained.  The location and size of the perforation are very important in determining whether the hearing is affected, and oftentimes a significant perforation will not cause much hearing loss.  If a determination is made that surgical correction is necessary and indicated, the different surgical options will be discussed.  Dr. Shirley has performed many hundreds of surgeries to correct eardrum perforations and has successfully taken care of many complex large perforations and abnormalities of the eardrum, even surgeries involving complete loss of the eardrum.  

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