Dr. Shirley is highly experienced at the diagnosis and management of pediatric sinus disorders.  In congruence with his overall philosophy Dr. Shirley will always try to treat your child in the most conservative manner that is possible to help your child have significant improvement in his health.  The vast majority of children’s persistent sinus disease can be relieved by optimizing their medical management, and only a small number of children ultimately will need sinus surgery.  However, if surgery is necessary Dr. Shirley has surgical experience in taking care of a wide range of complex pediatric sinonasal disease.  He has treated successfully extremely large, destructive, and distorting cases of allergic fungal sinusitis; large vascular sinonasal tumors; children with severe sinus disease associated with underlying medical disorders such as cystic fibrosis; and congenital sinonasal abnormalities in otherwise healthy children that may cause problems with chronic nasal obstruction and sinus disease.  A thorough history will be taken and a detailed physical examination will be performed, which may include endoscopy, to completely evaluate your child’s history and anatomy.  Occasionally it may be necessary to obtain a CT scan of the sinuses to evaluate your child’s sinonasal anatomy.  A CT scan gives excellent detailed information regarding the sinuses, and it is necessary if sinus surgery is being considered; however, a CT scan also exposes your child to mild doses of radiation.  Thus, Dr. Shirley will not use a CT scan as a screening tool in the evaluation of your child, he strongly believes that a thorough history and detailed physical exam frequently is sufficient to guide initial treatment plans.  Occasionally, the level of clinical problems and the observed anatomic abnormalities or changes will be found to be severe enough that a CT will be deemed important in further decision making for your child.  If that is the case we will ensure that the recommended diagnostic facility uses the latest recommended standards in order to expose your child to only the most minimal amount of radiation necessary.   In the appropriate case, sinus surgery can be highly beneficial, and with surgical intervention Dr. Shirley has helped many children overcome the oftentimes significant problems associated with chronic sinus disease.

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