Fortunately most lumps and bumps found in the pediatric neck exam are benign in origin.  However, a full evaluation is recommended by a physician experienced in diagnosing and treating pediatric neck masses.  Dr. Shirley has seen, diagnosed, and surgically treated when necessary a vast array of different pediatric neck anomalies.  This experience is important in deciding what is the correct intervention necessary to diagnose and treat the abnormality.  By the far the most common bump found is a benign inflammatory lymph node.  Children’s immune systems are very active and their bodies spend a great deal of time fighting off many infectious sources, and therefore benign neck lymphadenopathy (enlarged lymph nodes) is very common.  Dr. Shirley has the experience to determine if such an enlargement is cause for concern or merits further investigation.  There are also a wide range of congenital abnormalities that can present as a neck mass.  Dr. Shirley has seen and treated all variations of congenital branchial cleft cyst, dermoid cysts, thyroglossal duct cysts, hemangiomas, lymphatic malformations, thyroid abnormalities, and many other more rare and complex abnormalities.  Chronic infections may also cause lymph node enlargement and neck swelling and this is often clear from the history and exam.  Neoplastic growths are extremely rare but Dr. Shirley has seen and treated such cases over his career and has the experience and knowledge to determine when that may be a concern. 

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